Sunday, November 27, 2011

Modern Day Good Samaritan

The words of the Lord Ben Chung:

And it came to pass, that the Lord Ben Chung was questioned and loathed by many many Prairians: some are strong supporters, while others are the silent prayer warriors.   They sent forth an Accuser to see whether the Lord Ben Chung would incite a riot and thus lose his mind.   The Accuser came forward and asked, "Doctor, I know thou art trained at the Prairie High School, and hast been for so many many years an eager supporter and even awarded as a Board member, why wouldest thou give all that up and trust in the words of unreliable online gossip by a particular sinner named Linda Fossen?" The Accuser furthered, "Doctor, you have a great family life and esteemed respect from both our community and yours, why ruin it at the hands of our despised sister Cathy?"
To which the Lord Ben Chung answered, "Is it not right to do justice and believe a day shalt come where the light of justice and mercy shall open the eyes of many many Prairians and hold them in such esteemed, loving positions?" Then Accuser became agitated, and furthered, "But Oh Lord, thou hast made some damaging remarks on our esteemed PBI, and its followers, and hast been known as an agitator, wouldest thou not repent and seek the blessings of our Fr. Mark, our school's Abbot?" 
The Lord Ben Chung sighed deeply, and answered, "My son, I love thee, for thou art mine, but there are many many silent child[ren] crying out in the dark for help, and their tears, I have seen and felt. Art thou not supposed to walk in the love, mercy and justice before thy Lord Ben Chung? Wherefore art thou oh Abbot Maxwell, and thy humility for the poor, and beaten neighbours? Is it not the commandment to love thy neighbour almost as thyself?" The Accuser, to justify himself, ejected immediately, "But Lord, there are no neighbours here, they are all in the hiding." 
The Lord held forth his hand and blessed him and said unto him, "My son, there was a certain child, who was sent to live in the blessed and hot Ivory Coast, and her folks most eagerly gave her up to a small Mission school called Mamou Christian Academy. This child of mine, the beautiful apple of thy Lord's eye, was mercilessly assaulted, beaten and laid on the ground by the bandits of St Johns group. They took her belongings and her sense of  worth, and her Most High GOD, and as she laid there, crying and asking for help, lo behold, a certain group of Prairie bible teachers came through, but because of their busy schedule to teach the Holy Bible and recruit more missionaries, they ignored her plea, and went on their way, and then passed the career missionaries, and they as a group also were too busy hiking and trying to find money in order to support their causes.   They, too, ignored her plea and went on their blessed way.  And lo behold, a dejected Navaho, the one who was left from their massive genocide that which was committed in the name of our Loving Christ, he took pity on her and clothed her with the love of his tribe, bestowed upon her with the same sufferings he endured at the hands of these missions and missionaries of their cultural genocide, took her and put proper medicine in her mouth and send her on her way in peace.  Now my Child is strengthened, realized that she too is a child of the blessed God, and she too as a true human, thus she is able to speak for the first time."
The Lord Ben Chung then ask the Accuser, "Doest thou see here, or should I use the words of another agitator named Ishu, for he taught, "They shall see but not see, hear but not hear, lest they see and believe such a damsel as Carmen Wesley, or Mrs. Lioness with her book written in blood and tears, and hear the pleas of one who was beaten savagely and daily with a rebar, and the angry swearing of our John Doe, and so they would turn and be accounted for." To this the Accuser sighed deeply and left, for he has many commitment to evangelize the whole world.

For the mouth of the Lord Ben Chung has spoken.