Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Jim Daly and Re-focus on the family

By Jim Daly:

My Take: Christianity not to blame for anti-gay bullying

Here I do find this comment very helpful to illustrate what I am thinking:

Chris Jones: you are a fool. I know the Bible says I am a fool, but the Bible is wrong. Open your eyes, realize that your religion is based on the dying wishes of the Roman empire that decided it didn't want to die so it assimilated the religions of a few desert shepherds that was growing in the area and turned it into the state religion so they could continue on into the future. Understand that the book you think is flawless is full of contradictions and fallacies. Understand that science has PROVEN beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that the world is much older than 6,000-8,000 years and that God does not need to be involved in order for the universe to make sense. Religion is what man had in the dark days when he looked up at the world around him and didn't understand it. We understand it now. There is no need for your myths and legends. Your religion has done nothing but destroy the world and keep it in darkness. Give up so the rest of us can move on in peace.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Re-Reading History: heroes of Old Prairie Bible Institute

I found this while googling about Ohlhauser.  This is how he treated these heores of Prairie.

and the admin. response was to ask them all to resign:

After all these years of 'hoping for nothing.  Maybe this god is dead, and does not respond to prayers.

here is what I put on their blog, asking for donations and money:
Benjamin Chung (Reply) on Friday 15, 2011
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Please accept my condolence. My Prairie and my prairie god died a long time ago. I tried back in 2003-2004 to help a bit when I was on the board. The more I think about this, the least I would give to religious causes. I was perhaps one of the few 14 that gave tot he school during the last ten years. I gave more than 10,000 and plus the board meetings that I paid without asking the reimbursement. Can you imaging why I would do such a stupid thing?? I have 5 kids now and I no longer think it is necessary to give to religious causes. I no longer do believe in a personal god that responds to prayers. Just look at you, you believe in a god that is wealthy, but it seems to me he cannot handle the money…..always he lacks something.
I now practice ‘corban method’ whatever you ask me to give, it is already ‘corban’ (dedicated to specific cause. That is, I now buy digital cameras. Nikon D1, D1H, and D1X. And more than 50 old Sony Mavicas. I love to take pictures of my children, and raise a family of five, with chickens, gardening, and driving biodiesel old trucks (made my own fuel). Would someone tell Nelson of my conversion to being a fool for christ, to me, the modern deist???

Monday, July 4, 2011

On James Dobson

Abortion, drugs, violence, and gangs are just a few of the problems frequently found in inner cities. With dashed hopes of a bright future, how do youth growing up in this environment even begin to break out of a downward spiral? Join us today to ... Click "Share" below to spread this message!

and my answer:

why not get rid of TV/video games and go back to nature? something like start a vegetable garden? eat less meat, use less products made by slavery process, avoid walmart slavery driven products, pay proper wages, and love others as ourselves? Mexicans driven out of their homes buy our agricultural policies, and they work like slaves, but without dignities, is this God honouring?? it is not about reading more of scriptures, but to lead a life worthy of it? stay with your mate, and less of other religious activities that require of your time and money? God is everywhere, not just in the church 4-walls. People are so much into bringing up properly their children, that they forgot to have a lot of them. It is not about money, it is about having alot of children as the Scriptures taught. Live a poor and humble life is not a sin! Maybe I might not be able to visit Paris, but heck, who cares, last time my uncle was there he was robbed in broad day light, and no one helped. If you spend the time with your children, every day, have chickens and a workable garden, rid of lawns, expensive vacations (get rid of this type of wastes, don't take a vacation that is based on others sufferings), reads less of the Bible, and do less of bible studies, and pray even less, but do honour God in all that you do, would that not be better than whatever religion or faiths you are trying to promote?? Is capitalism/free enterprise the only workable religion? Is trying to rid of gays and transgenedered people the enemy of our faith? They bothered no one. But in fighting them, more efforts and hatred are shown that drive all of them away from church. Is this what JESUS WOULD DO? OMG!! Last time I checked, he was known as a friend of sinners. He was not into getting rid of pharisees, prostitutes, and publicans (sorry, not republicans). Need I write anymore? Is there no common sense???

Sunday, July 3, 2011

On not paying religious tax.

Benjamin Chung August 9, 2010 at 1:37pm
On not paying religious tax.

Recently I talked with a good friend of mine who has not paid federal income tax for about ten years, and he does not believe in paying taxes that are not constitutional. So he is willing to go to jail on this note. I on the other hand pointed out to him the harm of paying religious tax. Let me elaborate: churches used to levy taxes on the general public when they asked for money to build church building, to help with training of clergy, or the poor. When the Catholic Church tried to tax the poor in order to build St Peter's Cathedral, the Germans rebelled and set off events that led to Reformation. Now I do see that Protestants have continued this tradition, when they began a humble denomination, they keep growing, and growing, soon this unchecked growth leads to taxation on the believers. One notable example recently is the church my sister used to attend. The church was renovating and began to ask for money, I think it was 7 million dollars, or more. My sister with her meager salary was unfairly taxed about 6 thousand dollars, so I asked her to back out of it. She unhappily did so, I was helping her with her mortgage. Religious tax in the form of excessive building projects, elaborate payment to clergy, or religious enterprises may not be biblical or constitutional. Jesus did not required his followers to pay this type of tax, and similar to the rights granted us by the Constitution here in this country, I make the appeal not to pay religious tax where it is illegal or un-constitution. Tithing is Jewish and I am not sure why Christians picked this item but ignored Kosher laws, or circumcision, or bigamy, etc.
I think if I hear another religious tax item, I might join the Christian Tea Party!

On Moral Absolutes

from my Facebook :

Here is the problem of absolutes, it is often used as a weapon to kill others who differed from the faithfuls throughout history, are the moral absolutes ten commandments? Where do you draw the line on one hand, every jot of the sacred text cannot be dismissed, all must be preserved and fulfilled, on the other, total transgressing laws as Jesus knew it, esp. when applied to the adulteress, he did not fulfill the Law which calls for death. What makes him to make such a seemingly mistaken call on the transgressor? He has a higher moral code, not often called for in the Sacred texts, more specifically found in the prophetic writings. But Mosaic laws cannot be dismissed, about sexual and moral conducts. No one ever followed these closely, it is not about dietary laws the St Paul struggled with, and about circumcision, it is about a moral code of conduct that must be absolutes and be kept closely which no one follows. The law does not call for forgiveness, Christ does, but his moral absolutes is not acceptable in the Jewish texts which is about an eye for an eye. So in re-interpreting the sacred texts, which is the moral absolute? Jesus, or Moses? or Saint Paul, because he strictly forbids women to have authority over man, and this moral teaching is based on his interpretation of Genesis, which calls for male dominance since God make man first. Is it purely cultural as some says, but who makes this judgment, you, me or the 21st century mores? Are women properties, or real person according the tenth commandment? They are equated to properties, and if not mistaken, in a society like that, they are properties, but can that be applied to modern society, should they be given rights to own properties, to vote, to speak in the churches? You will not find Christians to agree on this topic. So what I am trying to say, is what is the set of absolutes that we are taught since childhood, when under the examination of modern logic, found difficult or even absurd? I think moral absolutism is a bit shaky since no one can actually make a case so everyone agrees, about when to kill and when not to kill, and what motives we bring about to kill.
And the command not to kill, here you see where my problem is, with the genocide texts. Samuel commanded Saul to kill the entire village, children and animals. You revered these texts since it is the word of God. This command violates the laws of God about not to kill, but since God ordained the killing, I can understand to kill in a battle, soldiers die for things like that, but to take out innocent children and women, and animals? And for failure to follow this correctly Saul is to be replaced with another king, David, whose hands are so filled with blood that he was asked to to make a temple for God. So here is the absolute for not to kill, and life for life sort to speak, but when God says so, it is alright to side step these laws, it is not ok to kill your people, but Cananites, that is alright. It is then OK for God to kill as he sees fit, when by mistake a priest was struck down holding or touching the ark, and the fire from the earth consumed those who disagreed with Moses about his priesthood. The books of the bible is filled with blood, I am not certain you would want your innocent children to read about killings, genocides, incest, and adultery and the practice of using and degrading women as sex slaves (war spoil). I think if God tells you to kill your neighbour, or to go overseas and kill infidels or demonic muslims, where do you draw the line? Why? Can those biblical figures refuse to kill and lay down the arms? That would be Christian, but not Jewish.
As you can tell, not to kill has many situations, but it is the sacred command, we each struggle with. I think frail humans cannot and should not be the standard, perhaps absolutes resides with a God who always is w right, sometimes he shows mercy, other times he kills by tens of thousands (recent earthquakes, the Holocaust). Is this a blood thirsty deity? The duty is to relate this sacred text, with all the exceptions that I see, to relay that in a frail world, not to kill. The buddhists accepted this as their first command, refusing to eat meat because of the killing it implies. Is that Christian teaching? Or a war that kills innocent by stander by George Bush and his friends? Tens of thousands have died so far, and God has sanctioned it.

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