Thursday, March 14, 2013

My random thoughts about God

 I agree with a few folks upstairs here about this mis-applied verses on temptation. I have been taught that God is alive that he is almighty and all knowing and that he acts in human history. 

I am 47 now, and after serving on Prairie's Board of Directors, and working with children ministry for at least 10 years, served three summers with the Child Evangelism Fellowship, and not counting the numerous hours with church youth groups, and prayer meetings, and praying and reading the holy bible. I have come to a place in my life that our concept of God is human. It is very human, and it is something we made up, perhaps if there is a God out there, it is not like that. God is not Jewish, nor is he merely about material blessing. Jesus was human, but I cannot affirm his miraculous birth, his miracles or his resurrection. All these stories conflict with each other in the gospels, and the more I read, the more conflicts of the details I see. I have come to see Bible as a very human book, and offers a human solution. God is perhaps in our best values, but he is not a being, not a thing, and no a body.Because of this metaphysical way, he cannot and will not intervene. I no longer believe in a Christian triune God. Not like that. What I do affirm, is the goodness of every human beings. There is hope in this green earth, and after we are passed, the world will still be here. It gives me tremendous freedom, and relief to know that my God is dead, that this world comes alive more than ever to me. 
So, in short, my answers differ significantly to yours, and I know so. I was once upon a time, a fundamentalist, after serving Prairie and Ohlhauser, I see that God is not what we think, that God fails to come to our aid, and that God is a figment that we are so afraid to let God. So I would use a usual Prairie phrase, let go and let god. Yea, let us be good. Amen.