Sunday, April 3, 2016

Regarding Brother Hansel

Words of wisdom for Brother Hansel Chen who has been called to served a rural church in Northern Ontario:

"When you move to a small community, your kids will grow up healthier, less troubled by Taiwanese culture, and you will learn to appreciate nature as it is intended for us. At first, you will feel like an exile, that you have been rejected by Taiwanese churches in Toronto, so you have to be in a rural community. I have been there, but then it is a,blessing in disguise. I would put it this way, while everyone gives you the congratulations, and all that Christian greetings stuff, I would be sober. If you embraced your community, it will embrace you. If you stayed in doors a lot, and become aloof to all that is around, you, you will have a hard time. Learn that human nature is good, and that God is good, so that you will learn to love and adapt to your own church. Being an ordained reverend means that kirk session no longer has any powers over you, that the presbytery will take charge when things go wrong. Do not abuse your power, as some have done. But rather learn to submit yourself to God and Christ our Lord, how he learnt humility. As it is often said, submit one to another for the sake of Christ.

Learn to grow a garden, raise fine chickens and kids, and join your local farmers market. That way, you will begin to put down deep roots. Toronto is a nice place, but it is not the right place to live, Learn to grow old there, and enjoy the nature as God intended for all of us. Just don't come back. Your people will need you to baptize their babies, sanctify their marriages, and bury their dead. You have a job to do. Toronto has an over supply of reverends, there is no need of you here.

In due time, you will come to realize that it is good to be alive, and that your karma will turn wen you have realize your place in the human community. Good luck to you and your new wife."

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