Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Theology of Garlic

 Benjamin Chung is there a theology on garlic?
Cindy Tsay uncle Ben, do you mean planting garlic?
Benjamin Chung or just the garlic itself, I would imagine that a theologian sees God in all things. What comes to their minds when they think about garlic?
Cindy Tsay I thought you're an amateur theologian, what do you think about it?
Benjamin Chung in my humble opinion, that God is transcendent in all things. It goes through all things, in all things and is all things, That last statement is guilty of pantheistic feeling. My own theology is that I see God in all things, that garlic, which I see that goodness, is God. This theology is very guilty of pantheism, but I have the same feeling as St Paul when he accuses some who mistaken created beings as the creator itself. I am. But when you look at the goodness of garlic, it is very essence of God itself (or in some seminaries, they like the word, godself.) But for me, garlic is gott, God is garlic.
Cindy Tsay That's interesting...I don't think you'll find your answer on this website; . Many people do believe that nature is god and that god's essence is fully captured and represented in everything. But, I don't think that evangelical Christians view god in that way.
Benjamin Chung hahaha, I am a garlic theologian, and nothing else. wink emoticon
Benjamin Chung Cindy, I am an amateur theologian! Garlic needs more theology! wink emoticon

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